Onboarding Surveys

Gain confidence that new employees are getting up to speed and bringing their best selves to work.

Onboarding Survey Question

First Impressions Matter

We know first impressions are critical. Onboarding data, the crucial first step of the employee lifecycle, gives organizations a treasure chest of insights they can use to tailor and improve the Employee Experience. We look to see if employees (whether remote or in-office) are gaining both the skills and training they need to succeed, in addition to monitoring whether employees are engaging emotionally with the organization and their team.

Onboarding surveys monitor a new employee’s first steps at two intervals. At two weeks, we survey new hires to find out if the onboarding process was followed by asking questions about orientation, training, and job expectations. After 90 days, we conduct a second short survey to understand how integrated do employees feel in their new job. Both components allow you to track results by month and quarter and then provide results to the employee’s manager to take swift action in case there are any stumbles.

Is Your Onboarding Process Effective?

We track the steps or stages that new employees go through during their onboarding experiences. We have designed our survey items to ask whether certain activities are taking place, such as: “I was assigned a mentor on my first day.” These types of questions are answerable with a “yes” or “no.” Our survey technically gives the respondent 3 options:

  • Yes (formally)
  • Yes (informally)
  • No
employees helping each other up stairs

Measuring Onboarding Outcomes

Survey items in the outcome section are meant to measure whether the onboarding process is helping an employee to move forward. We believe an effective onboarding process ensures two things:

  • Employees know how to do their jobs (enablement)
  • Employees want to do their jobs (engagement)

Our outcome questions mirror, in some cases, questions from our engagement survey so you can see how employee engagement changes from the first day to an employee’s first anniversary.

4 Simple Questions Onboarding Surveys Should Answer:

  1. Is your onboarding process being consistently observed?
  2. Is onboarding helping employees do their jobs?
  3. Is onboarding helping employees to engage?
  4. Do you have the right onboarding process or should things be changed?

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