Organizational Culture Surveys

When something feels amiss inside your organization, a culture survey is a good way to see what might be happening.

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Sometimes You Need to Dig a Little Deeper…

Occasionally, things simply stop working. Employee engagement surveys (EX surveys) can provide some clarity, but they don’t necessarily look for cultural toxins — cultural problems that create distrust and damage morale. This is when an organizational culture survey can be useful.

An organizational culture survey provides a comprehensive diagnosis of your current culture as well as a detailed understanding of the culture you are aiming to cultivate, by examining employees’ perceptions of the organization’s current practices and the values they consider desirable. A culture survey is not an end in itself. It serves as a starting point to address cultural strengths and weaknesses within your organization and to start the discussion on what needs to be done to facilitate organizational change.

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We Can Help

Your organizational culture survey would likely be customized by one of our consultants to evaluate the dynamics that are unique to your organization. We offer practical recommendations, and we work with you to roll out new initiatives and establish accountability and follow up with your leaders to ensure that changes will work.

An organization’s culture consists of the values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that employees share and use daily in their work. Culture is how employees describe where they work, understand the business, and see themselves as part of the organization. Culture is important because it drives decisions a actions, and, ultimately, the overall performance of the organization. Understanding your organization’s culture will help you to understand where things are work well, and what might be keeping you from even better things.

Company culture can and should be deliberate!

Cultures are either created organically or through deliberate and consistent planning and action. Deliberate culture is what we call the Employee Experience (EX) — your culture through the eyes of your employees. The best organizations understand their Employee Experience and take careful steps to manage and promote it effectively. To increase organizational performance, an organization should constantly evaluate its Employee Experience to ensure it’s aligned with its corporate strategy and goals.

If you need a little extra help, let’s talk!