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Service Effectiveness Surveys

Measure how well departments and teams work together. Think of it as 360 degree feedback for a department instead of an individual.

Part of any great employee experience is that employees have access to the tools and resources they need to do their job well.  Service effective surveys measure how well supporting functions, such as HR and IT, deliver dependable experiences to employees who need their support and tools.

Why Measure Service Effectiveness?

  • Understand whether employees’ needs are being met
  • Improve digital workflow
  • Uncover areas for process improvement

Service Effectiveness Surveys in Action

A Service Effectiveness survey measures how satisfied internal customers or staff are within a department or team. This survey measures perceptions and impressions of internal service, be it communication, productivity and / or responsiveness. The survey can either be run on behalf of one specific department (eg. IT) to get very specific feedback on their performance, or it can be run to collect feedback on the performance of all internal services/departments.

The internal feedback survey is commonly used by:

  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Shared Services
  • Line Managers

The purpose is to draw out feedback from internal customers in order to benchmark internal customer satisfaction, to solicit suggestions for improvement, and try to identify trends related to performance.

Speak with one of our experts to explore how measuring service effectiveness can help your organization.