Purpose-Built Employee Survey and Assessment Technology

We took the best in survey software, and we built a platform that is specifically designed for organizations and workforces. We call it Spectiv®, and it excels in giving users multiple data perspectives. The best part is that it is simple to use and set up. Spectiv is software designed by HR professionals for business and HR leaders.

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Survey and Assessment Management

Spectiv® gives operational leaders, talent professionals, and HR teams the very best technology solutions to help them measure and improve their employee experiences. A user can easily develop and manage multiple survey and assessment campaigns, each with the ability to go deep to see what is happening inside (and across) departments, teams, and individuals. Spectiv offers:

  • Validated, pre-built survey templates
  • Robust question libraries and benchmarks
  • All the data visualizations you need in one place
  • No need to spend hours creating and configuring dashboards, and no need to hire an outside implementation partner
  • Thoughtful alerts to manage tasks, due dates, email deliverability, and more
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Clean, Effective, and Simple Reports & Analytics Options

Successful organizations are built around the right KPIs, which should always include the vital people metrics that help leaders manage human performance. Effective organizational development, employee engagement, and retention all start by harnessing the power of people analytics. Our custom-designed reports are the foundation of this process. They give voice to the employee, and they help leaders uncover the insights they need to grow and improve their teams and departments. Our reports and dashboards have been built using 25-years of extensive industry experience.

Spectiv delivers the right reports and analytics options so that leaders and HR professionals can identify key organizational trends and opportunities.

Design Assessments and Surveys that Make Sense for Your Organization

Do you need expert advice? We have it. DecisionWise has been the leader in 360-degree feedback, employee engagement surveys, and employee pulse/lifecycle surveys for over 25 years. We lead the way with consulting expertise and resources, and we have infused our technology with this same experience.

Are you looking for something more custom to your organization’s specific needs and competencies? No worries. We’ve got you covered with easy-to-use assessment and survey builders that help you design the perfect assessments and surveys. If more help is needed, we have experienced professionals at the ready to assist you.

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Technology Should Enhance Leadership, Not Replace It

We built Spectiv with a focus on human-designed workflows. Our mantra is to let computers do what they do best, and to let humans do what they do best. HR Technology works best when it empowers leaders and employees, instead of trying to take over for them.

Effective leadership has always been the solution to most people problems. Software is simply a tool that helps leaders and employees perform to the best of their abilities.

Org-Chart Management is What Makes us Different

Running a survey or asking questions is often the easy part. Cataloging survey responses for the right person in the right place inside an organization can be a logistical nightmare. Especially when you consider how complex organizational hierarchies (org-charts) can be.

Because our system is designed by HR professionals, we’ve solved that problem for you. Spectiv’s backbone is a data model that makes org-chart management simple. We also capture survey responses in a way that feedback is easily analyzed across campaigns and time periods.

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Enterprise Features

For larger organizations looking to sync their data with other information systems, including HCMs, we offer several enterprise integration options.

Spectiv is also built to support the internal integration of all your employee survey data – from annual surveys to lifecycle surveys – you can see all your feedback data in one place and compare surveys campaigns against each other. This makes Spectiv your single source for employee feedback.

We Automate the Coaching Process

Maximize your employees’ success by combining 360-degree feedback and performance reviews with coaching. Studies show that participants who receive some form of coaching and guidance with their 360-degree report (or performance evaluation) perform far better than those who receive little or no assistance, that is, all they receive is a report without any human guidance.

Spectiv offers built-in tools that let employees find and select the coaches that are right for them, or it ensures that . Our tools also handle report delivery and help automate the scheduling process.

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360-Degree Feedback Assessments and Performance Reviews

Everyone has blind spots in their performance at work. 360-degree feedback can be used in one of two ways. First, it can be used as an employee development program or tool that provides a safe and effective mechanism for a person to receive candid, confidential feedback from peers, supervisors, subordinates, and other individuals with relationships key to the person’s success.

In addition to developmental assessments, our platform can run performance reviews in an efficient and easy-to-understand way. 360-degree performance reviews are universally viewed as the most objective and fair form of employee evaluation.

HR leaders love us because:

  • Spectiv does the hard part for HR by automating workflows and providing easy-to-use administration tools.
  • We provide access to proven, best-in-class assessment templates and guidance.
  • We include automated coaching tools that make scheduling and tracking the progress of 360 participants easy.
  • Spectiv puts HR in control, with options to customize email messages, configure reports, and build your own assessments and surveys.
  • We help HR get the most out of their employee experience campaigns by including robust tools to analyze aggregate data across departments and functions.

End Users love us because:

  • Spectiv provides easy-to-read reports that helps employees and leaders understand their feedback.
  • End-users get access to insights and recommendations that help drive meaningful change.
  • Nudges can be helpful; Spectiv sends helpful reminders to keep the process on track.
  • Spectiv makes data collection easy, and can accommodate paper, mobile devices, and other needs of the deskless worker.
  • Scheduling time with an internal or DecisionWise 360 coach is easy using our calendaring tools.
  • Questions are relevant to what will help leaders and employees be more successful personally and professionally.
  • Both participants and those providing feedback can feel confident that their responses are confidential.

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