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What is an Employee Exit Survey?

While exit interviews offer valuable insights, exit surveys are a strong complement to the process by providing quantitative comparison data. Departing employees also tend to offer more honest feedback on an exit survey, sharing the “real reasons” they are leaving leave, which might not come up during an exit interview. Exit data is critical for organizations to understand how to do a better job at retaining their current employees.


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Why Exit Surveys are Important

The decision to leave could be a personal choice (moving closer to family), because of a bad relationship with the boss, or due to more systemic issues (lack of advancement opportunities). Consistent surveying of departing employees provides the organization with employee life cycle data to make key decisions that will help improve the employee experience for current and future employees.

Where Do I Start?

DecisionWise customizes exit surveys for each organization, provides a fully-managed survey administration process (if needed), and delivers real-time reports of the results. DecisionWise also “red flags” responses that indicate legal or ethical problems for immediate follow-up.

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