Diagnostic Employee Surveys

Enhance your people analytics and dive deeper with additional research tools.

Diagnostic Surveys Can Help You Listen More Effectively

We offer a variety of additional surveys and templates to help augment and improve your research and analytics. These surveys are research-based, validated, and customizable. Our diagnostic surveys can help you measure everything from employee satisfaction elements to identifying cultural toxins that might be damaging your Employee Experience.

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Internal Customer Surveys

Your Employee Experience is, in many respects, built upon how easy it is for your employees to get the tools, resources, and information they need. Internal customer surveys examine how well supporting functions, such as HR, IT, or marketing are doing as it relates to serving and supporting their internal customers (your employees).

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Your Employee Experience starts with what we call satisfaction elements. These are both foundational and transactional — “As an employee, I will do this in exchange for that.” Satisfaction elements won’t necessarily cause an employee to give their best effort, but if they aren’t part of your experience, then nearly all employees will disengage.

Common satisfaction elements include:

  • Compensation and benefits
  • Safe working environments
  • Reasonable commute and parking options
  • Proper equipment
  • Training to get the job done, etc.

Your experience will likely include more than these we’ve listed. Our employee satisfaction surveys and tools help you do a deep dive to ensure that your satisfaction elements are working for you instead of against you.

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Employee Value Proposition Surveys

Can you define your employee value proposition (EVP)? If not, then you are missing a vital tool to help you attract and retain the best talent. Each individual employee values a unique set of rewards and benefits they receive from working at your organization. An EVP survey measures the value of these benefits and how they work in concert to attract, retain, and motivate different segments within your workforce.

Organizational Culture Surveys

Is something not working within your overall culture? Most Employee Experience surveys will touch upon the standard issues, but occasionally there is a need to look deeper to find those cultural toxins that might be negatively impacting the experience your employees are having.

A culture survey is not an end in itself. It serves as an additional data resource to help you identify cultural strengths and weaknesses within your organization and to advance the discussion on what needs to be done to promote positive organizational change.

Infographic What Is the Difference Between Organizational Culture the Employee Experience and Employee Engagement