Employee Engagement Surveys

Measure and improve your organization’s Employee Experience using our purpose-built survey tools and solutions.

Employee Engagement Surveys Are Vital in Understanding the Employee Experience

Management expert, Peter Drucker, is credited with this simple, yet profound concept: we improve what we measure. One of the most important steps in building a winning Employee Experience is understanding your employees’ perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs. A key source for this information is regular, organization-wide surveys. For years, HR professionals have referred to these surveys as Employee Engagement surveys. Today, we sometimes refer to them as Employee Experience surveys because that’s what they measure.

An org-wide survey is something every organization should run each year, and organizations have a myriad of options to gather this information. Solutions range from integrated HR platforms to purpose-built employee engagement research tools. At DecisionWise our approach is to provide you with the very best data gathering and analytics solutions rather than trying to offer a manager empowerment platform that tries to do it all. Our mission is to help HR leaders gather the very best people data and information and then distribute that information to operational leaders. Give leaders the information they need, and then trust them to make the right decisions.

Do it Right With Valid Survey Questions

Whether you use our software tools or engage a project manager to run things for you, our employee engagement surveys have been built using a foundation of 44 statistically valid questions that measure strategic concepts and themes. Gain insight into the following areas:

  • Engagement
  • Intent-to-Stay, Org. Commitment, and Confidence in the Future
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Purpose, Path, & Place
  • Organizational Communication & Transparency
  • Supervisor Effectiveness and Supervisor Relationship
  • Team Collaboration and Connection
  • Enablement, Autonomy, Resources, and Stress
  • Growth, Advancement, Vision & Goals
  • Meaning, Care, & Belonging
  • Employee Voice
Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Find the “Story” in Your Data

Our data exploration tool is your Leadership Intelligence® System (LIS). LIS helps you dive deep into your data using dynamic filters to see any combination of responses across demographics. LIS helps you uncover those key data nuggets and insights your leaders need to drive change and make sound people decisions. The best part? You don’t have to configure everything. Our tools include pre-built report templates, which offer useful visualizations and highlight action-planning opportunities. LIS also generates prescriptive manager reports that tell leaders what to do. We promise! These reports actually get used.

screen shot of our data exploration tool showing bar charts

Prescriptive Recommendations Help Kickstart the Process

Managers are in the whirlwind of running their teams, and yet their most important priority should be the role they play in helping their employees engage. Our employee engagement software tools make it easy by empowering managers with a detailed report that includes instructions and action-planning guidance, along with prescriptive recommendations. Content is pulled from a library of curated resources to help managers think about, learn, and implement strategies for improving engagement. Our recommendations consist of DecisionWise best practices along with influential articles, TED Talks, podcasts, videos, etc.

When You Need Us, We’re Here to Help

Each day, our consultants are knee-deep in data working with HR and executive teams to analyze employee engagement survey results, debrief leaders, and facilitate action-planning activities. Our work gives us a unique perspective on what’s happening in your industry and elsewhere. We know what to look for and we help identify the leverage points that are most important for your success. Whether you are new to people analytics or a veteran multiple-regression data nerd, we have experts that will help you deliver useful and actionable data to leaders throughout your organization.

  • Customized Slide Decks
  • Executive Team Debriefs
  • Leader Debriefs and Focus Groups
  • Action Planning Activities
  • Engagement Training
  • Surveys available in multiple languages
DecisionWise Consultants

We Got This!

Talk to us about how you can hire a project manager to run things for you for less than most software licenses on the market. Simply send us an employee file and choose your survey questions. After that, your project manager does everything else. We run engagement surveys in virtually any format: online, email, text, kiosk, or paper. We take employee engagement surveys seriously so you can focus on other priorities.