Effective Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Discover 170+ statistically-valid employee engagement survey questions for precise measurement of satisfaction, retention, DEI, and more. Backed by robust benchmarks spanning industries and geographic areas.

Start with the Right Engagement Survey Questions

Discover the key to understanding and improving your workplace dynamics by utilizing our meticulously crafted employee engagement survey questions. Our carefully designed anchor questions gauge the depth of passion and commitment your employees have for their roles. Elevate your organizational insights with examples such as:

  • It is easy to become absorbed in my job
  • I would recommend [Sample Company] as a great place to work
  • My job is stimulating and energizing

These anchor questions play a pivotal role in generating a comprehensive Employee Engagement Index, providing you with actionable insights to enhance workplace satisfaction. Our sophisticated online reporting tools empower you to categorize employees into distinct groups, ranging from Fully Engaged to Fully Disengaged. Leverage this valuable data to make informed decisions and cultivate a thriving work environment. Optimize your employee engagement strategy today for a more productive and fulfilling workplace experience.

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Unlocking 5 Keys to Employee Engagement

There are five primary keys that drive employee engagement. We refer to these as the five ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® keys:

Meaning, Autonomy, Growth, Impact, and Connection

Our approach involves deploying a direct employee engagement survey question alongside three complementary queries for each of the five ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® keys. This strategic framework enables organizations to pinpoint the key factors fueling or impeding employee engagement. By deciphering these insights, businesses can confidently strategize actionable steps to enhance workplace satisfaction and foster a more motivated and productive workforce.

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Effective Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions

Employees need to have their basic needs met or engagement will suffer. Some of your survey items should measure concepts that impact employee satisfaction. Sample questions include:

  • I have received the training I need to do my job well
  • I have the tools and resources I need to do my job well
  • My supervisor treats people with fairness and respect
  • My supervisor gives me regular feedback on how I am doing
  • We work effectively across departments and functions
  • This organization communicates well with all employees about what is going on
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Insightful Open-Ended Employee Engagement Questions

Harness the power of qualitative data through open-ended text comments to gain valuable insights into employee sentiments. Elevate your employee engagement survey strategy by incorporating two impactful open-ended questions:

  • What are the greatest strengths of our organization?
  • What are the areas that need the most improvement in our organization?

Alternatively, leverage a neutrally worded question for a comprehensive approach. Utilize cutting-edge natural language processing (text analytics) and sentiment analysis to organize and interpret responses effectively. Enhance your understanding of employee experiences at [Sample Company], ensuring a data-driven approach to improve engagement and foster a positive workplace culture.

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