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Employee Pulse Surveys

Frequently measure employee engagement levels
in an ever-changing work environment.

Employee Pulse Surveys Collect Real-Time Employee Engagement Pulse Survey Data You Can Act On Immediately

The DecisionWise Employee Pulse Survey was built for organizations who would rather not wait a full year to see if employee engagement has changed. Not being able to respond immediately to employee engagement changes can put an organization at risk. CEO’s, senior executives and line managers need to know when there is a problem and how to respond in real-time. The DecisionWise Employee Pulse Survey enables you to survey as often as makes sense for your organization–– quarterly or even monthly. The built-in machine learning, of the world’s first-of-its-kind DecisionWise Leadership Intelligence System™ (LIS), monitors engagement levels, alerts you to concerns, and provides actionable recommendations. The Pulse Survey Definition is simple: it allows organizations to have quick, effective communication between executives and employees. 

DecisionWise Pulse Survey Trends Screen
DecisionWise Employee Engagement Survey on Mobile Phone

Employee Pulse Surveys Quickly Give You Insightful Employee Feedback with Powerful Automation

The DecisionWise Employee Engagement Pulse Survey starts by automating the easy part of a recurring pulse survey–the data collection. But more importantly, it also automates all the functionality you need:

  • Ask ALL the right employee engagement questions at the right time to guarantee a sufficiently rich set of data for meaningful analysis,
  • Ensure that no one individual gets asked to respond too often or to a survey that is too long,
  • Analyze the employee engagement results in real time,
  • Instantly alert all appropriate managers to relevant changes in scores from one survey to the next so actions can be taken before a small hiccup becomes a major disease,
  • Immediately make results available to managers for action while feedback is fresh and timely, and
  • Make automatic recommendations of what can be done to improve employee engagement based on the specific results of each iteration of the survey.

Employee Engagement Pulse Surveys Easily Gather Feedback Without Survey Fatigue

Your employees will complete the Employee Engagement Pulse Survey in five minutes or less. A quick survey is vital to having respondents willing to give feedback in the regular cadence of a pulse survey.

DecisionWise I/O consultants have engineered a statistically valid approach to provide both a simple survey along with meaningful data. Individual survey respondents always receive a small, manageable set of survey questions. For variety, they receive slightly different questions each time they complete an Employee Engagement Pulse Survey.

The science behind the DecisionWise Employee Pulse Survey uses statistical methods to piece the employee survey questions together as if multiple questions had been asked. The DecisionWise Leadership Intelligence System™ (LIS) automatically manages this process. Your employees will not experience survey fatigue and you have a complete and valid set of data from which to do your analysis.

Our Employee Pulse Survey Allows You to Better Understand Employee Feelings With Employee Engagement MAGIC Questions

The DecisionWise Employee Pulse Survey incorporates employee engagement themes into your pulse surveys as outlined in our award-winning book ENGAGEMENT MAGIC: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement.  Gather the powerful insights of including survey questions pertaining to the Meaning, Autonomy, Growth, Impact, and Connection. A model like ENGAGEMENT MAGIC allows you to not just understand how people are feeling, but to give them concrete actions they can take to improve their own engagement.

Immediately Address Employee Engagement Problems Before They Escalate

Begin your data analysis as soon as an Employee Engagement Pulse Survey closes. The LIS™ tool will instantly alert you when there has been a meaningful change in responses from one survey to the next. These alerts come at either the organizational or organizational sub-level around engagement or an engagement theme. Immediately dive in and address minor employee engagement issues before they become major.

Employee Engagement Survey Reporting Tool

Capture Valuable Employee Responses With Open-Ended Questions

Capture qualitative input from open-ended survey questions. Many employee survey systems leave open-ended questions out of Employee Engagement Pulse Surveys because it is difficult to analyze the results before the next round of surveys is ready to be administered. The artificial intelligence-enabled DecisionWise Theme Finder™ will present insights into the most often mentioned themes. Additional analysis can determine the sentiment of the comments in real-time.

Empower Leaders Using the DecisionWise Resource Library

Provide your managers access to the DecisionWise library of prescriptive actions for immediate direction on the topic(s) of most importance. HR loves this feature because they do not become a bottleneck in getting results and recommendations into the hands of those who can do the most with the data as soon as possible. Managers love recommendations on improving employee engagement because they can strike while the iron is hot and let their people see that they are being heard and responded to.

Employee Pulse Survey
Employee Engagement Consulting

Use Our Employee Engagement Experts to Build a Plan and Take Action

Take advantage of the award-winning DecisionWise I/O consulting team and Assessment Advisers to build a communication plan so your people know the goals and purpose of the pulse surveys. It is particularly important when frequent employee surveys are administered that your employees understand how and when the data is being used. Let our twenty-plus years of employee engagement experience help you build that plan and take action. Reach out to DecisionWise if you feel your organization could benefit from the Employee Pulse Surveys!