Austin Kocherans - Informal 1000

Austin Kocherhans

Sales Development Representative
Benson McConkie Informal 1000

Benson McConkie

Production Coordinator
Brittney VandenBos

Brittney Vandenbos

Front End Web Developer
Charles Rogel

Charles Rogel

VP of Consulting Services
Chase Warnick

Chase Warnick


Christian Nielson

Chief Strategy Officer

Dave Long

Chief Operating Officer
Erik Parry - Informal 1000

Erik Parry

Marketing Manager

Jake Haws

Director of Marketing
Jamie Duncan - Informal SQ 1000

Jamie Duncan

Office Manager
Jeanna Lee Informal 1000

Jeanna Lee

Production Coordinator
Jefferson McClain v2 Informal 1000

Jefferson McClain

Director of Statistics
Jennis Andelin - Informal 1000

Jennis Andelin

Reporting Coordinator
Jessica Rees BW 1000

Jessica Rees

Project Manager
Jordan Christensen - INFORMAL SQ 1000

Jordan Christensen

Junior Software Developer

Joseph Barry

VP of Sales
Josue Arredondo - Informal SQ 1000x1000

Josue Arredondo

Solutions Architect
Kayley Carver Informal BW 1000

Kaley Carver

Production Coordinator
Katelyn Poulson Informal BW 1000

Katelyn Poulson

Project Manager Team Lead
Kathryn Andelin - Informal SQ 1000x1000

Kathryn Andelin

Solutions Architect
Kenna Bryan - Informal 1000x1000

Kenna Bryan

Kiera Barton Informal BW 1000

Kiera McCoard

Program Manager
Lindsay Mariner Informal BW 1000

Lindsay Mariner

Client Success Manager
Lindy Deen

Lindy Maylett

Finance Manager

Mark Kim

Project Manager
Matt Lester - Informal BW 1000

Matthew Lester

QA Manager

Matthew Wride

McKay Kelly Informal 1000x1000

McKay Kelly

Project Manager
Megan Milkanin Informal BW 1000

Megan Milkanin

Program Manager
Meleah McGlinchy Informal BW 1000

Meleah McGlinchy

Production Coordinator
Mia Bracken SQ 1000

Mia Bracken

Client Success Manager

Micah Wardell

Chief Technology Officer
Nate Jones - Informal 1000

Nate Jones

Director of Solution Architects
Nate Finch 1000 BW

Nate Finch

Senior Developer
Noelle Bott

Noelle Bott

Director of Development
Renata Franco Dias INFORMAL BW 610

Renata Franco Dias

Client Success, BRAZIL
Rogerio Cher

Rogério Chér

Head of Consulting, BRAZIL
Rogerio Farah INFORMAL 960

Rogério Farah

Head of Operations and Finance, BRAZIL
Sam Barry - Informal 1000

Sam Barry

Account Executive
sarah gonzales photo

Sarah Gonzales

Program Manager Team Lead
Skylar de Jong BW 1000

Skylar de Jong

Director of Client Success
Tanner Moulton Informal BW 1000

Tanner Moulton

Production Coordinator
Thomas Olsen - Informal SQ 1000

Thomas Olsen

Tracy Maylett

Tracy Maylett

Chief Executive Officer
Will Baird - Informal 1000

Will Baird

Sales Development Representative
Zac Larsen Informal - Donuts

Zac Larsen

Program Manager Team Lead
Zach Poulsen

Zach Poulsen

Director of Assessment Services