Performance Reviews Done Right with Multi-Rater Feedback

Enhance your performance review process with 360-degree feedback. Our platform has been configured with instruments and technology features that are designed to make the performance review process easy and effective. Improve speed, reliability, and fairness for simpler and more comprehensive employee evaluations. Our tool can be used for organizations of all sizes, from 10 employees to 10,000.

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Performance Reviews Made Better, Logistical Challenges Solved

Performance reviews, despite not being universally favored, serve a pivotal function for both organizations and their employees. Employees regard feedback as an instrumental resource for improving their performance, while organizations require insights to gauge their workforce’s effectiveness. Historically, the primary grievance from employees was the perceived lack of fairness in the process, stemming from the sole reliance on a manager’s perspective. Presently, we have the capability to solicit input from multiple sources, thereby enriching the review process without burdening the organization or causing logistical complications.

Performance reviews, often neglected or merely tolerated, can undergo a significant transformation with our 360-degree feedback platform. Our platform encourages a streamlined process that utilizes multi-rater feedback, offering an innovative method for performance evaluation. It promotes improvement, ensures fairness, and elevates your employee appraisal system. Our comprehensive solution empowers individual growth and provides valuable insights for organizations, revolutionizing the realm of 360-degree performance evaluations.

In the past, the administration of 360-degree feedback was a labor-intensive process fraught with logistical hurdles. However, our software has effectively addressed these issues. Currently, the process is as straightforward as configuring the settings and then letting the system handle the rest.


360 Performance: Precise Behavior Measurement & Insightful Reports

Transform your employee evaluation process with Spectiv’s bespoke multi-rater assessment platform. With the backing of 25 years of appraisal research, our system seamlessly integrates 360-degree feedback with traditional methods. Designed to provide in-depth insights into individual performance, our platform offers a tailored solution that enhances the performance review process. Equip your organization and employees with a comprehensive perspective, leveraging our platform’s unique combination of innovative feedback mechanisms and time-tested appraisal techniques. Achieve a profound understanding of employee performance through our cohesive approach, reshaping the landscape of 360-degree performance evaluation and feedback.

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Benefits of Using 360-degree Feedback in Performance Reviews

Initially developed primarily for development, 360-dgree feedback can be valuable choice for performance appraisals. Here are some key advantages:

  • 360-degree assessments offer a more holistic view of an employee’s performance compared to traditional top-down evaluations that rely solely on managerial feedback. These comprehensive evaluations broaden perspectives and enhance the scope of performance appraisals.
  • Supervisors may not always have a complete understanding of an employee’s performance. Incorporating multiple perspectives can illuminate all aspects of an individual’s contributions.
  • 360-degree reviews go beyond measuring just operational performance, which is often the primary focus of most managerial appraisals. They consider a wider range of factors that contribute to an employee’s overall effectiveness.
  • Moreover, 360-degree evaluations account for an employee’s effectiveness when collaborating with various groups, providing a more rounded view of their interpersonal skills and team dynamics. This comprehensive approach ensures a more accurate and fair assessment of an employee’s performance.
  • Organizations perceive 360-degree evaluations as less biased and more legally defensible compared to assessments conducted by a single individual.
  • For organizations already implementing 360-degree evaluations for development purposes, it is a logical progression to use this approach for performance assessments.
  • Unlike the often haphazard performance appraisals conducted in many organizations, 360-degree performance reviews typically have more structure and process. This added rigor significantly increases the likelihood of a comprehensive and complete appraisal.

Things to Know

While performance reviews with 360-degree feedback offer immense value, key considerations arise:

  • Distinguish between appraisal and development in 360-degree evaluations; off-the-shelf instruments may lack this nuance.
  • Multi-rater appraisals must address both ‘what’ and ‘how.’
  • Clear communication before initiation is crucial, offering guidance on the ‘how’ and ‘why.’

For evaluations, emphasize holistic understanding. Rely on our expertise; we lead in utilizing 360-degree feedback for both performance reviews and leadership development.

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Design a Better Performance Review Process with DecisionWise

With a 25-year legacy, DecisionWise empowers organizations, teams, leaders, and individuals to cultivate success-driven, competency-based cultures. Harness unparalleled quality through our software tools and validated assessments. We help you build organizational effectiveness through significant improvements to your performance review process.

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