360 Multi-Rater Performance Reviews

Use a 360 Degree multi-rater system to improve the effectiveness, reliability, and fairness of your performance review process.

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Performance Reviews Done Right

Everyone hates performance reviews, right? Yet, they remain an important activity for both the organization and the employees. Employees want to know how they measure up, and they want to know how they can improve and get better. Organizations need to know how their people are performing.

In many organizations, performance appraisals are either an afterthought or a process simply to be endured. We can do better, however, and a simple way to make dramatic improvements is to use our Spectiv 360 Degree Feedback platform to administer the entire performance evaluation process.

Precise Measurement of Behaviors and Insightful Reports

The Spectiv platform is designed to build and manage a customized multi-rater assessment process that is designed for use in the evaluation of employee performance. Based on over 25 years of performance appraisal research, our assessments combine the power of 360 Degree Feedback with traditional performance appraisal methods to provide a more comprehensive picture of individual performance.

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Advantages of 360 Degree Evaluations for Performance Appraisal

Once used almost strictly for development purposes, 360 Degree multi-rater assessments have proven to be a valuable option for performance appraisal. Using 360 Degree for performance reviews carries with it some significant advantages:

  • It provides a more complete picture than a top-down, single rater appraisal (a performance evaluation that includes only the manager’s feedback)
  • Supervisors often don’t have a full picture of their employees’ performance, and multiple perspectives highlight all sides of the equation
  • 360 Degree reviews measure more than just operational performance (which tends to be the focus of most managers’ appraisal feedback)
  • 360 Degree evaluations take into account the effectiveness of the employee when working with various groups
  • Organizations find it less biased (and even more legally defensible) than an evaluation provided by a single individual
  • Organizations already using 360 Degree evaluations for development find it a logical next step in assessing performance
  • 360 Degree performance reviews tend to have more process and structure than the haphazard performance appraisals that are typically done in most organizations; this greatly increases the likelihood that the appraisal will be complete

Things to Consider Before Using 360 Degree Evaluations for Performance Reviews

Despite the tremendous value that can be gained by using 360 Degree performance reviews, there are some important considerations:

  • A 360 Degree evaluation for appraisal is different from a 360 Degree assessment for development; off-the-shelf surveys typically do not take this into consideration
  • A multi-rater appraisal needs to address both what was done and how it was done
  • Communication prior to beginning the process should be very clear, providing guidance on the how and why of the process

When used for evaluation, in particular, it’s important that the entire process be considered — not just the tool. Let us help you, we are the leading experts in the use of 360 Degree assessments for both appraisal and development.

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Partnering with DecisionWise

For over 25 years, DecisionWise has helped organizations, teams, leaders, and individuals create competency-based cultures that drive success. Our 360 Degree Feedback software platform and validated assessments provide unmatched quality in helping individuals to make meaningful improvements.