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Looking for a 360 feedback platform? Try out our partner company Spectiv's new easy-to-use tool.

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More than 1000 organizations trust DecisionWise to effectively develop and measure their leaders

360 Degree Feedback and Performance Reviews

Develop your leaders, improve team connectivity, and drive organizational productivity.

360 degree feedback assessments that match your organization’s culture 

Automated processes for administration with detailed visibility at each step

Individualized reports delivered online and PDF with confidential and anonymized reports 

Robust aggregate reporting for visibility into organizational groups and training cohorts 

Leadership ExperienceTM

DecisionWise research indicates that a capable leader is a significant driver of the employee experience. While this seems intuitive, leaders are often left to manage their own development. Leadership is improved as employees develop the skills and behaviors necessary to increase individual performance and build a winning employee experience. To compete for and retain today’s top talent, organizations must focus on building robust leadership competency models. 360 degree feedback built upon your competency models will provide leaders a roadmap for success. 

The Employee Experience

The Leadership Experience has a direct impact on the employee experience. An employee’s sense of belonging is a fundamental driver of the employee’s experience. Belonging can lead to a 56% increase in performance, 50% reduction in turnover, and 75% fewer sick days. 

Belonging is created by leadership capabilities that reinforce organizational values of fairness, respect, psychological safety, inspiring team members to do their best, and connecting team members to the mission and values of the organization.

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