360-Degree Feedback

Elevate leadership inside your organization with Spectiv’s unique multi-rater platform. Drive growth through comprehensive 360-degree feedback solutions.

Mastering 360° Feedback: The Right Approach

Enhance your Employee Experience through impactful leadership. Elevate leaders through 360-degree feedback for effective and positive organizational growth.

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Simplify 360-degree feedback with Spectiv. Access tools within our platform or collaborate with an experienced project manager for a seamless process. We handle the heavy lifting while providing complete access and visibility. Your dedicated project manager assists in assessments, participant identification, schedule coordination, and reporting configuration. We address user queries, send reminders, and generate reports, ensuring high confidentiality and error-free execution. Trust in our process for peace of mind, allowing your organization to focus on leadership development without worries. Optimize your feedback program with Spectiv, a comprehensive solution for the most effective 360-degree feedback management process in the market.

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HR-Built: Spectiv is the Expert 360° Feedback Platform

DecisionWise’s Spectiv platform is a robust solution for managing 360-degree feedback programs. Specifically designed for remote work scenarios, Spectiv captures comprehensive feedback from various sources to offer precise insights into strengths and areas needing improvement. It adapts to the modern workplace, providing an online feedback collection system accessible from anywhere. Empower your team’s growth with a reliable tool fostering self-awareness and development. Spectiv, the ideal 360 feedback platform, addresses the challenges of remote work, ensuring accurate assessments and aiding in holistic employee development.

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Built for HR

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Built for the Modern Workforce

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Built to Help People Grow and Develop

Out-of-the-Box or Fully Customized 360 Assessments

Access a diverse suite of tested 360-degree feedback assessments tailored for executives, managers, and contributors. Customize surveys effortlessly, leveraging our database of 80 competencies and 320 behaviors, or input your unique questions. Our customizable and adaptable assessments generate exclusive instruments in minutes. Benefit from comprehensive benchmarking, enabling precise leadership development and performance management strategies. With expertise since 1996, we offer invaluable best-practice resources to facilitate organizational growth. Elevate your feedback process with a flexible 360-degree feedback platform, empowering tailored assessments and data-driven insights for holistic development.

  • Standard 360 assessments for executives, managers, and individual contributors
  • 80 Leadership Competencies, 320 Behaviors
  • Leadership derailers are included
  • Benchmarking comparisons
  • Performance appraisal functionality
  • Options for individual development, exec teams, training programs
  • Available in multiple languages
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360 Feedback Reports: Individual & Group Insights

Choose from our expanding array of 20 individual report options, optimizing support for leaders’ developmental needs. Incorporate benchmarking, trending, and action planning, drawing from a curated competency resource library for targeted development goals. Harness the advantages of dynamic group reporting, based on employee demographics, to gain a precise understanding of leadership bench strength in your organization. With the Spectiv platform, effortlessly pinpoint specific strengths and development areas across your leadership, enhancing the effectiveness of your 360-degree feedback process and fostering comprehensive organizational growth.

Leadership Competency Development

Elevate organizational results with leaders that embody strategic behaviors. Tailor 360-degree assessments to measure leadership potential and progress, aligning with your company’s unique culture and strategy. DecisionWise consultants are poised to assist, offering expertise in crafting competency models that translate desired behaviors into actionable insights. Propel your organization forward with targeted assessments, ensuring effective leadership development and alignment with key performance indicators.

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360 Feedback Debriefs: Individual & Group Insights

Daily, DecisionWise coaches conduct insightful 360-degree feedback debriefs, aiding leaders in contextualizing results, identifying strengths, and outlining improvement strategies. Our aim is to foster enhanced self-awareness and professional growth. Group sessions focus on result interpretation and goal setting, while one-on-one coaching delves deeper into feedback, guiding participants to craft both short-term and long-term developmental plans. Leveraging 360-degree feedback, individuals strengthen personal growth, team dynamics, and organizational leadership potential. Our coaching sessions aim to empower participants, facilitating impactful development and strategic growth within organizations.

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Certify as a 360 Feedback Coach with DecisionWise

Master the art of debriefing 360-degree feedback assessment results. With 25 years of expertise, we train HR professionals, coaches, and leaders in leveraging 360 Degree Feedback for robust leadership development. Our certification courses transform you into a skilled 360 Feedback Certified Coach.

Engage in a comprehensive course featuring personalized assessments, individual coaching sessions, and practical data interpretation. Gain access to top-tier guides and materials, honing coaching skills alongside peers. Upon completion, earn a professional badge on LinkedIn, showcasing your proficiency in using 360-degree feedback for impactful leadership evolution and professional growth.

Partner with DecisionWise

DecisionWise, with 25 years of expertise, fosters competency-driven success for organizations and individuals. Our Spectiv 360 Feedback Software Platform, alongside validated assessments, ensures unparalleled quality. Choose us as your trusted 360-degree feedback vendor for substantial individual improvements within competency-based cultures.