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360-degree Feedback Comes Full Circle

Having follow-up conversations with those who gave you feedback

Just a few minutes–and a simple process–could double the likelihood your 360-degree feedback will result in meaningful, sustainable personal change.

Yet, most people fail to follow the 4 simple steps that both increase the effectiveness of the process AND relationships with co-workers.

In a recent DecisionWise multi-national research study, we found that less than one-third of all 360-feedback participants “circle back” with those that provided them with the feedback (their raters). Because of this, as well as other factors, only 34 percent of 360-degree feedback processes typically result in personal change over a period of six months. However, when participants discuss their results with others, that percentage nearly doubles! In fact, the percentage increases to 94 percent when paired with coaching and written action plans.

What is the best way to have these follow-up conversations with others, once an individual has received their 360-degree feedback? How can confidentiality be maintained, while minimizing the risk of defensiveness AND showing others their feedback was heard and valued?

It’s actually quite simple. This whitepaper outlines a four-step process for “circling back” with those providing multi-rater feedback.

Download (and share) this four-step process for closing the 360-feedback loop.

360 full circle white paper

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