Podcast: Providing Meaningful Feedback to Employees

In this podcast episode, DecisionWise Principal Consultant Beth Wilkins, Ph.D., discusses the topic of providing meaningful feedback to employees. According to our research, 30% of all employees are not receiving ongoing feedback from their supervisor. Leaders who fail to do so or let their busy schedules get in the way of having one-on-one conversations with […]

Podcast: Promoting a Sense of Meaning

In this episode, we discuss practical ideas and suggestions that you can implement as a manager (and on an organizational level) to promote a sense of meaning with your employees. Further reading: Meaning: Your Work Has Purpose Beyond the Work Itself

Employee Engagement Meaning

Meaning: Your Work Has Purpose Beyond the Work Itself

Meaning is one of the five keys in building employee engagement and it may be the most powerful of the keys. The power in Meaning comes because it is self-determined. Meaning is found when your work has purpose beyond the work itself. How does meaning specifically relate to employee engagement? Meaning is one of the […]

Employee Engagement Meaning

Podcast: Meaning – Your Work Has Purpose Beyond the Work Itself

Meaning is, simply defined, “I can find purpose in my work beyond just the job or the task itself.” It is one of the most important factors of all the five ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® keys for driving engagement in an organization. But how can organizations create a structure where meaning can exist? How can individuals find […]

Meaning in Employee Engagement - Hearing Aids in Honduras

Do You See Meaning In Your Job? These Employees Do.

Can you find meaning in your job? Some people can’t seem to find meaning in their job or see the difference their job makes. Think about the tasks you perform on a daily basis. Are you bored just thinking about them or do you feel engaged and energetic because you know there is something MORE […]

DecisionWise Team Laying Sod

Finding Meaning and Connection at a Sod Laying Party

Finding meaning and connection when it’s 100 degrees outside, one o’clock in the afternoon, not a cloud in the sky, and 38 pallets of sod are waiting to fill in an acre of land, isn’t necessarily ideal. If you haven’t laid sod before, just imagine lifting a couple thousand 20-pound slabs of pre-cut dirt and […]

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Does Your Job Have Meaning and Purpose?

I always find myself to be extra pensive at this time of year—looking back on the learnings, experiences, joys, mistakes, and everything else from the previous year, as well as excitedly, and somewhat anxiously, considering what the future may hold.  I ultimately end up running myself through a philosophical exercise to determine whether or not […]

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Americans Crave More Meaning at Work

The Philips Work/Life Survey examined key factors of Americans’ job happiness, with a particular focus on their ability to bring personal interests to their workplace career as a way to create more job satisfaction, achieve greater shared success with their employers, and improve overall well-being. Meaning is one of the five essential elements of employee […]

Trust is the Oxygen of the Employee Experience

How Meaning Influenced the Carnival Triumph Crew’s Customer Service

Imagine you were a crew member assigned to Carnival’s Triumph during its recent disaster. As you may recall, last month the Carnival cruise ship Triumph was scheduled for a four-day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. However, what promised to be a traveler’s dream quickly turned into a weeklong nightmare when an engine fire knocked out power […]

MAGIC: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement

Meaning: A Key to Employee Engagement – Connecting Hands, Minds, and Hearts

Employee engagement is much more than ensuring employees are “satisfied” with aspects of their jobs, including compensation, benefits, and basic work conditions. Engagement refers to the passion and energy employees bring to their work—the discretionary effort they put forth as a result of the quality of the employee/employer relationship. Of the five keys of ENGAGEMENT […]