Continuous Listening

To understand the employee experience, you must listen to your employees on a regular basis along all stages of the employee lifecycle; from recruitment to exit. 

Pulse Surveys

Clients use pulse surveys to gather additional insights or to monitor incremental changes in the employee experience from annual survey to annual survey.  Pulse surveys should not be haphazard. These are not “quick polls” to see how people are feeling.  Pulse surveys are strategic and coordinated check- ins used to monitor the employee experience.

Onboarding Surveys

We know that first impressions are critical.  Onboarding data gives organizations a treasure chest of insights they can use to tailor and improve their employee experiences.  We look to see if employees are gaining both the skills and training they need to succeed in addition to monitoring whether employees are engaging emotionally with the organization and their team. 

Exit Surveys

When used correctly, much can be learned from employees and stakeholders as they leave an organization.  Care must be taken to design the right survey and administer them at the right times, but exit surveys have a unique ability to uncover latent EX issues while at the same time promoting alumni advocacy. 

Service Effectiveness

Part of any great employee experience is that employees have access to the tools and resources they need to do their job well.  Service effective surveys measure how well supporting functions, such as HR and IT, deliver dependable experiences to employees who need their support and tools.

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