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Expert Employee Engagement Consulting Services for Optimal Workplace Success

Drawing from extensive employee engagement consulting expertise, we pinpoint critical success areas within your company. Our outside perspective provides industry insights, benchmarks your performance, and shares best practices for tailored solutions. Explore how we can assist:

  • Employee Survey Design
  • Employee Engagement Consulting
  • Employee Satisfaction Consulting
  • Employee Engagement Training
  • Managing Expectations with Senior Leaders
  • Executive Debriefs
  • Slide Decks and Presentations
  • Action Planning Activities
  • Focus Groups

Success Option 1: Debrief Your Senior Leadership Team

Here, a consultant conducts individual sessions with your senior leadership team members, analyzing their department’s employee survey results meticulously. Other departmental leaders can also join. Through these debrief sessions, we:

  • Review unique circumstances from the past year and how they have impacted employee views in the department
  • Thoroughly analyze the results using our online reporting platform
  • Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Review team results for each sub-group in the department
  • Start creating a customized action plan based on the department’s results
  • Guide department leaders in action-planning conversations with their direct reports

Success Option 2: Manager and Staff Debriefs

In this scenario, our consultants present a summary of your employee engagement survey results to various groups within your organization. Usually, we start by sharing the results with the executive team, then with leaders at every level, and finally, we share the findings with all staff members. During these debriefs, we:

  • Collaborate closely with your HR team to determine the appropriate distribution of information across different groups
  • Deliver remote presentations that cater to dispersed teams, ensuring easy accessibility and engagement

Success Option 3: Manager Action Planning & Training

With this option, our consultants offer targeted training sessions for managers, equipping them with essential tools to interpret their team’s survey outcomes effectively.

Moreover, we facilitate action planning sessions with individual teams, empowering managers to instigate positive transformations within their units. In this service, we:

  • Provide managers with training on employee engagement, satisfaction, and their impact on team engagement
  • Help managers analyze and understand their team results
  • Identify the key strengths and opportunities
  • Explore resources and strategies to address specific survey questions
  • Train managers to conduct debriefing and action-planning meetings with their teams, explaining how to encourage participation and discussion

Success Option 4: Employee Engagement Consulting Summits

This tailored option aids leaders in honing in on critical priorities identified from survey insights. Our proven approach advocates for cross-functional action-planning committees for effective organizational-level action planning. Within this summit, we:

  • Conduct a one-day action-planning workshop for employees and leaders assigned to address employee feedback
  • Create a committee of 15-30 employees who attend the summit workshop and continue to meet regularly throughout the year to execute action plans
  • Have executive sponsors present at the beginning of the workshop the key priorities the committee will address
  • Create sub-groups within the committee to focus on specific topics
  • Identify root causes and potential action plans during the workshop
  • Present action planning ideas to executive sponsors for discussion and approval
  • Support employee sub-groups in implementing action plans throughout the year

Success Option 5: Employee Focus Groups

To delve deeper into survey findings and collect in-depth employee feedback, our consultants facilitate focused focus groups involving select leaders and employees. These sessions are flexible, conducted either remotely or onsite, ensuring convenience and maximizing participation. Within this service, we:

  • Collaborate with your HR team to determine the topics to explore, the number of focus groups needed, and the composition of participating employees
  • Summarize the focus group results in a comprehensive report, highlighting key findings and actionable takeaways
  • Present the findings to HR leaders and operational leaders as needed, providing valuable information to guide decision-making and future initiatives

Effective Employee Engagement Survey Action Planning Strategies

In our webinar, employee engagement consultants explore enhancing employee engagement through organizational readiness and action planning. Gain valuable insights, strategies, and methodologies to foster a highly engaged workforce.

They discuss:

  • Organizational readiness and action planning for improving employee engagement
  • The stages of engagement maturity and integrating it into the organizational strategy
  • Empowering managers and holding them accountable to drive engagement through action planning
  • The “listen, understand, act, and measure” methodology using surveys
  • Measuring progress and holding teams accountable for improvement
  • The role of performance management and training
  • Survey results, action planning, and progress for a highly engaged organizational culture

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