Employee Engagement

Unlock Measurable Improvement with Our Powerful Employee Engagement Platform and Survey Tools

Voice of the Employee – Your Path to Improvement

Discover the power of giving your employees a voice through thoughtful employee listening campaigns and drive measurable improvement in your organization.

Craft an Exceptional Employee Experience

Leverage our employee experience platform and survey tools, Spectiv by DecisionWise, to create a world-class employee experience. Understand the critical role of employee listening campaigns in understanding and shaping the employee experience. Run organization-wide surveys delivering unparalleled people data to meet the unique needs of your organization

Strategic Insights for a Better Employee Experience

At DecisionWise, we believe in the wisdom of management guru Peter Drucker: “What gets measured, gets managed.” Our comprehensive employee survey software will provide you with invaluable data on perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs, empowering you with strategic insights.

Employee Engagement Participation Insights Report

Annual Employee Engagement Surveys for Key Insights

Partner with us for your annual employee engagement surveys. Our platform offers you top-tier data collection and analytics solutions. Equip your leaders with the information they need to make informed decisions and enhance their employee engagement strategies.

Valid Survey Questions for Reliable Results

Our employee surveys are built on a foundation of 44 statistically valid questions, measuring strategic concepts and themes such as Engagement, Communication, Belonging, Inclusion, and more.

Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Unlock the Power of Your Data

Spectiv by DecisionWise captures and clarifies the voice of your employees. It allows you to effortlessly analyze data across demographics, delivering insights for data-driven decisions. Benefit from pre-built report templates, visualizations, and action-planning modules.

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Build Capability with Prescriptive Recommendations

Our intuitive tools, designed for busy managers, prioritize employee engagement. You’ll receive prescriptive recommendations, detailed reports, and action planning guidance. Our resource library, filled with curated content, aids managers in strategic thinking and implementing engagement strategies.

Expert Consultation for Better Analysis

Our consultants collaborate with HR and executive teams to analyze employee survey results, debrief leaders, and guide action-planning. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned data expert, our specialists deliver valuable, actionable data to leaders across your organization.

DecisionWise Consultants

Empower Your Organization and Employees with DecisionWise

Partner with us to develop a success-driven, competency-based culture. Our cost-effective solutions and dedicated project management services empower you to focus on your core priorities while our software and team does the rest.