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Coaching partnership paves the way for more DecisionWise clients to receive executive coaching

UNITED STATES, February 17, 2023

For over two decades, DecisionWise has offered world-class coaching to leaders throughout the world. Based on the results of 360-degree feedback and other assessments administered to leaders in thousands of different organizations, including globally recognized names such as Clorox, T-Mobile, Porsche, DecisionWise has coached individuals from all industries. As a result of the success of these coaching programs, DecisionWise is pleased to announce partnerships with two recognized coaching firms, Simpson Executive Coaching and WorkJoy, to expand coaching capabilities and capacity.

Each of these organizations brings a wealth of coaching and expertise. Michael Simpson, founder of Simpson Executive Coaching, has coached executives for over 35 years at top companies, including Nike, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Marriott. Lisa Gregory, partner in the firm, has worked with hundreds of leaders in learning and development, sales, and recruiting from Fortune 500 and Global 1000, including John Deere, Frito-Lay, and General Electric.

Speaking to the partnership, Simpson and Gregory stated: “Simpson Executive Coaching is excited to partner with DecisionWise to expand coaching capacity. This will allow us to further the development and performance improvement with senior executives and leaders of DecisionWise client organizations through extended professional coaching. Our cadre of professional coaches offer practical and proven experience and expertise. We support C-Suite and senior leaders to offer coaching skills, feedback, accountability, and high impact coaching.”

Tina Robinson, founder of WorkJoy, has 25 years of corporate and consulting experience helping leaders at all levels unleash their potential, inspire their teams, and achieve their boldest career aspirations. She has worked with organizations that include FOX Sports, Fabletics, the National Wildlife Federation, and SAP.

“Using 360 assessments with my coaching clients has helped them recognize opportunities for change and make powerful shifts to achieve their personal and professional aspirations. We are excited to partner with DecisionWise and their robust suite of 360 offerings and assessments to help leaders at all levels unlock their full potential,” stated Robinson.

If your organization needs a long-term executive coaching solution, our new partners could be the perfect fit.

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