Swipe was published in 2023 by DecisionWise CEO, Dr. Tracy Maylett and multiple NY Times best-selling author Tim Vandehey. Swipe quickly became a best-seller, gaining multiple awards in business psychology and self-help categories. As a follow-up to Engagement MAGIC and The Employee Experience, Swipe takes advantage of research into over 50 million employee survey responses to explore why we disengage in what was once important to us. In times where a large percentage of workers are disengaged in their work, this book is especially pertinent to today’s organizations—workplaces, families, communities, schools, etc. Taking concepts from employee engagement, psychology, neurology, and business, Swipe takes a look at how technology has reshaped the way we think and behave, and why so many of us disengage in (and quit) what we once desired. More importantly, this book shows us how we can re-engage… and finish what we start.

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