13 terms every hr manager should know infographic

Whether you are new to the world of Human Resources or a seasoned veteran, here are 13 terms every HR Manager should add to their tool belt.

  1. Culture: a set of values, norms, beliefs, and understandings that is shared by members of an organization and is taught to new members as the way to feel, think, and behave.
  2. Tool/Lever: A technique, activity, or approach within a model to achieve a desired result.
  3. Artifact: An object that explains or provides information about a culture.
  4. Model: An approach, framework, or methodology for understanding or changing culture in order to improve the experience (Organizational Development), which then leads to employee engagement.
  5. Survey/Listening Device: A research activity designed to measure or ascertain an aspect of the experience.
  6. Survey item/question: the most granular level of listening; a query to measure a small segment of the experience.
  7. Behaviors: Observable actions/activities that demonstrate (or signify) a person’s or an organization’s level of attainment within a Competency.
  8. Employee Engagement: The employee’s emotional response to their employee experience.
  9. Leadership: Individual or organization-wide decision-making that addresses VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity)
  10. Competency: Mastery of a concept (theme or leadership area) by the effective application and use of KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities).
  11. Structural Devices: A defined and preconceived organizational process or system that helps develop or maintain an organization-based competency or individual competency within the larger culture.
  12. Theme: A codified abstraction that describes a particular area within a culture that can be understood from person to person and from organization to organization.
  13. Analytics: The application of data science principles to enhance our understanding of the experience and to reduce noise, complexity, and ambiguity.
  • Key metrics are combined data points to provide greater clarity
  • An Index is a composite metric (compound measure – multiple metrics added together).
  • AI/Machine Learning/Statistical methods are advanced tools used in analytics.

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