3 steps after employee survey infographic

Employee surveys come in many shapes and sizes. While the feedback received in each may differ, there are some universal steps that apply across almost all employee surveys.

1. Understand

When employees provide feedback, they are seeking to be HEARD and UNDERSTOOD. Spend time reviewing and analyzing feedback data. Look for areas of strength and areas of opportunity. Look for populations with lower scores related to their employee experience.

Key Communication to Employees: “We hear you. Thank you for helping us understand and improve your employee experience.”

2. Respond

After receiving and understanding employee feedback, it is important to respond with meaningful action. Select one or two areas of opportunity for focused action. Build action plans that include steps that are FEASIBLE to complete, and MEANINGFUL to the employees.

Key Communication to Employees: “Based on your feedback, these are the steps we are taking to improve your employee experience.”

3. Expand

Each employee survey provides opportunities to build EXCITEMENT and expand OWNERSHIP of the employee experience (EX). Often we see ownership progress as follows:

  1. HR is the sole owner of the employee experience
  2. Senior leaders buy-in and actively build the EX
  3. Managers begin to own their role in shaping the EX
  4. All employees understand and contribute to the EX

Key Communication to Employees: “Each of us plays a role in shaping and improving our shared employee experience.”

We hope this infographic has been helpful in planning out what steps to follow after collecting an employee survey.

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