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In today’s landscape, you may not be able to physically look an employee in the eye or put a supportive hand on a shoulder. But, with the willingness to adapt, there are plenty of other ways you can connect with and support your employees.

Here are 7 ways to help shape the employee experience in times of crisis.

Reinforce your Company Values

FIND OUT how your team perceives the company values. Do they (and do YOU) practice these values in today’s daily work life, even when working remotely or in times of difficulty?

Keep Your Communication Channels Open

Ask questions that show you’re thinking about the experience employees are going through right now. Look for ways to augment your FEEDBACK TOOLS, and make them more timely.

Change Your Tone and the Nature of Your Questions

SURVEY your teams, especially remote workers. Focus more on open text comments to get the full weight of FEELINGS. Shift your questions to be more employee-centric and less organization-centric.

“Onboard” Remote Workers and Check In Frequently

Many workers who work from home for the first time will need access to VPN, TECHNOLOGY, and other resources. Make sure someone oversees setting these employees up for success.

Coach Your Managers

Put BEST PRACTICES and tips into the hands of your front line. Reinforce their responsibility to cascade information up from employees to leaders and back down again.

Align Expectations With Managers and Employees

Model how managers can COMMUNICATE with their teams. Managers, help your teams understand the critical outputs. Ask for DELIVERABLES. Check in.

Connect With the Mission

Have each team meet and talk through these points: What’s our STRATEGIC contribution, what are we good at, what do we want to be good at, how can we contribute in this new era?

Everything you need to know about the Employee Experience

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