This month we explore employee performance reviews, an invaluable tool for evaluating and developing your people. While important to management, employees tend to dislike performance evaluations due to them typically only using simple grading systems based only on managerial feedback. DecisionWise has a multi-rater solution for performance reviews that drives self-awareness, the starting point for personal development.

Introducing 360-Degree Performance Reviews

360-degree performance reviews give a well-rounded view of an employee’s performance. By getting feedback from self-selected peers as well as management, employees get a better understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement. Plus, they get to participate in the process by evaluating other employees.

View the full article to learn about how DecisionWise’s platform, Spectiv, is the ideal method for effective 360-degree performance reviews.

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Improve Employee Retention with Engagement

Retention can be a significant challenge in today’s competitive landscape. Finding opportunities to leverage and increase engagement are critical components in your talent management strategy.

In this article, we offer advice to spot early signs of attrition and more strategies to amplify your ongoing employee engagement efforts.

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