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Deskless workers make up over 80% of the global workforce, but they’re often left out of traditional employee feedback programs. This can lead to low engagement, high turnover, and a disconnect between the front-line and decision-makers.

Join us for this informative webinar and learn how to give your deskless workforce a voice that matters.

  • Learn how to use employee feedback solutions to empower your deskless workforce and improve engagement, retention, productivity, and performance.
  • Discover how to identify and address the needs of your front-line employees.
  • Create a more inclusive and equitable workplace.


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360-degree feedback serves as a potent instrument for employee development, offering leaders and employees valuable insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and how they are perceived by their colleagues and associates. However, navigating 360-degree feedback can be a daunting task.  

The incorporation of coaching into the process can be transformative, offering leaders essential support and guidance to make the most of this valuable tool! 

Benefits of Coaching 

Coaching enhances the effectiveness of the 360-degree feedback process in many ways: 

  • Preparing for feedback: Coaches assist employees in preparing for the 360-degree feedback process by explaining its purpose, setting expectations, and providing tips for receiving and responding to feedback effectively. 
  • Understanding feedback: Coaches play a pivotal role in helping leaders and employees understand their 360-degree feedback report. They identify key themes and patterns, clarify the implications of the feedback, and provide precision. 
  • Developing a development plan: Coaching facilitates the creation of an action/learning plan to address areas identified in the 360-degree feedback report. This plan encompasses specific goals, strategies, and timelines, promoting focused growth. 
  • Providing accountability and support: After establishing a plan, qualified coaches provide employees with accountability and support as they work to implement their development plan. Coaches ensure motivation remains high and progress stays on track. 

In the case of great coaching, they go the extra mile by: 

  • Explaining the context of the feedback: Coaches help leaders grasp the diverse perspectives of those providing feedback and how these perspectives may be influenced by their roles and relationships with the employee. 
  • Helping distinguish between constructive and destructive feedback: Coaches help employees identify and prioritize the constructive feedback that will be most beneficial for their development while simultaneously helping them filter out the noise and distracting comments.  
  • Facilitating the creation of a plan for sharing feedback with others: Once leaders or employees have processed their 360-degree feedback, coaches assist in formulating a strategic plan for sharing this feedback with relevant parties, ensuring it is productive. Sharing feedback is a great way to reinforce the virtuous cycle of feedback.   

Real-World Examples 

Real-world instances demonstrate the practical impact of coaching on employees’ responses to 360-degree feedback: 

  • An executive who received feedback about being overly micromanaging worked with a coach to develop a more effective delegation strategy. The coach also delved into the underlying reasons for the executive’s hesitance to grant autonomy. 
  • A mid-level manager who received feedback about being too direct in communication partnered with a coach. Together, they refined the manager’s communication style and explored additional resources, such as training and recommended readings, to improve interpersonal skills. 
  • A first-year manager, who was perceived as too self-focused, enlisted the guidance of a coach. They interpreted the feedback and conducted focus groups to understand the team’s expectations better. 

360-degree feedback coaching is instrumental in helping employees and leaders maximize the value of their feedback. By offering support, guidance, and accountability, coaches empower individuals to understand, plan, and execute their development goals effectively. 

If you are considering implementing 360-degree feedback within your organization, we strongly recommend complementing the process with a coaching program. This integration, often requiring just a few sessions and at a manageable cost, can make a world of difference in the effectiveness of your employee growth and development initiatives. 

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