In this podcast episode, DecisionWise Principal Consultant, Dan Hoopes, discusses the topic of how managers can better recognize employees in the workplace.

Everybody likes to be acknowledged (in one form or another) for a job well done. We all like to feel validated and yet, many managers are reluctant to give recognition. Why is this?

“One of the biggest travesties to happen with organizations if for a manager to say, ‘Well, it’s just their job.’ Well, of course it’s just their job! But who doesn’t like to be recognized for doing well at just their job,” says Dan Hoopes.

He continues, “If I recognize someone for the things they are doing, it increases their discretionary effort. They’re more highly engaged and they know how to produce faster because they’ve gotten feedback that what they’ve done is right, and they want to do it even more and more.”

Learn more about these concepts and ideas on giving recognition in this insightful conversation.