Through our human-designed workflows, let computers do what they do best. Then, empower people to do their part, too.

drawing of man standing in between robots representing automation

Designed for both administrators and the organization’s leaders and employees

At Spectiv, we believe that computers should do what they do best, and let people focus on what they do best. To that end, we’ve designed the Spectiv platform with hundreds of automations that take the complexity out of managing multiple feedback surveys running across different departments, time zones, languages, rater groups, and business units. We call these automations workflows, and computers are really good at workflows. They don’t forget a deadline, and they have the ability to remind us to do something.

Spectiv has the options administrators need to build and manage workflows. Our platform also ensures that HR leaders can design 360 Degree programs that give employees the best feedback experience possible.

Automation Settings on Spectiv

We have thought about everything:

  • It’s easy to add raters, manage employee lists through bulk uploads, edit information, etc.
  • Approvals can be added to your workflows to ensure participants are being evaluated by the right people at the right time.
  • Segment and isolate your programs and workflows through filters.
  • For enterprise clients, our hierarchy and directory tools allow for an always-on connection with your employee directory and HRIS system

You can configure who sees what, when surveys are launched, who can approve processes, etc. It’s all in there. Really! We have thought of everything.

See the 360 degree feedback platform for the modern workforce in action!