Enterprise Features

For larger organizations looking to sync their data with other systems, including HCMs, we offer several enterprise integration options.

drawing a man configuring network servers representing enterprise features

Hierarchy and Directory Integration

For enterprise clients wanting to integrate, our hierarchy and directory tools make it simple to manage multiple 360 Degree programs and to do all of this with always-on data flowing from your current systems. We can also send data upstream so that hierarchies and employee directories are consistent from system to system.

view of the directory on spectiv@2x

Single Sign On (SSO) Login Functionality

Improve the user experience and avoid asking employees to create another login, which we all know is frustrating. Use our single-sign-on integration so that raters and users can do what they need to do, when they need to do it, all without having to remember and manage another password.

Sub Accounts

For multi-national organizations or consulting firms, we offer the ability to create and manage sub accounts. Sub accounts are a great way to separately manage international operations while keeping data within the same system. This helps with language management as well as provides users with the ability to use different assessments in different locations.

Consulting firms will appreciate the ability to manage access for affiliates and otherrelationships.

Leverage the security and power of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Spectiv leverages the very best from AWS when it comes to data integrity and security.

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