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When to Go Beyond the 360?

We recommended long-term executive coaching in these scenarios:

  • When working with senior executives
  • When working with a high performer who is preparing to make the leap to the next assignment
  • When it is clear that extra time and attention is needed
  • To drive accountability
  • When the leader is facing stagnation

Meet Our Partner Coaches

Michael Simpson

Michael has been coaching executives for over 35 years at hundreds of top companies including Nike, Procter & Gamble and Marriott leading them to improved performance results; executive level team building sessions; strategy and goal clarity consulting, leadership and management development, winning customer loyalty, speed of trust, and organizational change.

Michael Simpson

Lisa Gregory

Lisa has worked and consulted with hundreds of learning and development, sales, and recruiting executives from Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies in Europe, North America and Australia including John Deer, Frito-Lay and General Electric. She has conducted hundreds of in-person and web-based seminars and has a passion for executive education, training and learning.  

Lisa Gregory

Tina Schust Robinson

As leadership coach, facilitator, and workplace consultant, Tina has provided leadership coaching, learning solutions, development programs, and organizational consulting to dozens of organizations including FOX Sports, SAP and Spotify.  

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Tina Robinson

Tracy Maylett, Ed.D., M.BA.

Dr. Maylett is the CEO of DecisionWise and, on occasion, will consult with key executives. As a consultant, executive coach, academic, and business leader, Dr. Maylett has worked with leaders across the globe and in all industries.

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