Hierarchy & Directory

Running a simple survey or asking questions is the easy part. Cataloging survey responses for the right person in the right place within an organization can be a logistical nightmare. Especially when you consider how complex some organizational hierarchies can be.

Hierarchy view with various drawn headshots

Doing it right from the beginning

Spectiv’s hierarchy and directory tools solve data complexity within an organization by doing two things. First, we ensure that data lies nested and protected within the organization’s hierarchy structure. This means that we can cut and slice feedback in all manner of useful ways. Survey data in an employee context is useless until it has been layered onto the organization’s hierarchy.

Second, directory information can be pre-populated within the platform, so it is easy to create cohorts, look up potential raters, find an email address to send a reminder, or simply manage the process of delivering a report. Managing your 360 Degree programs can be handled entirely within our platform because we have built and perfected these essential hierarchy and directory tools.

view of hierarchy on spectiv
adding partcipants and raters spectiv

Core features include:

  • Smart uploading that catches duplicates, identifies data conflicts, finds missing headers, and flags other data problems.
  • Upload participants and raters one at a time or in bulk using predefined CSV templates.
  • View and inspect your hierarchy and directory using visualization tools to ensure reporting lines match what is needed for the feedback process to be most effective.
  • Quick and easy access to edit your employee directory and reporting lines.

See the 360 degree feedback platform for the modern workforce in action!