Don’t Stress! Run a $500 Pilot Program Before you Decide

Sometimes the best way to evaluate a software platform is to run a pilot . Our “Pilot to Commit” program offers you the chance to fully test Spectiv before you sign up.

  • No strings attached!
  • All it costs is $500, which covers the price of 3 assessments.

What You’ll Get

This is how the program works:

  • You don’t have to wait for a call back, you can select an appointment and get going.
  • No auto-renew sneakiness on our part; auto-renewal only applies to full subscriptions.
  • We will invoice you $500 for three assessments; pay by check if you like.
  • You will get full professional access to the Spectiv platform for 60 days at no cost; all you pay is $500 for three assessments.
  • Administer your assessments.
  • Dive into the platform and review the results.
  • Sign up at any time to convert your pilot into a full subscription.
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Best Practices when Running a 360 Pilot Program

Here are some best practices to consider when designing and administering your 360 pilot program:

  • Define your timeframes, required resources, and participants up front.
  • Establish what success will look like and make a list of factors/metrics you will use to evaluate the program’s success (i.e., a rubric).
  • Spend time in the Spectiv platform before your launch the pilot; make sure you know the basics.
  • Identify 360 participants that will be willing to engage in the process and who will share what they like or don’t like.
  • Limit scope creep; keep it simple.
  • Check in regularly; don’t let people wonder if the pilot is still proceeding.
  • Engage in an after-action-review and evaluation (post mortem) of the pilot’s effectiveness.

Common Benefits of 360 Degree Feedback Programs

  • Increases Self-awareness
  • Clarifies Behavior
  • Measures “The How”
  • Promotes Constructive Conversations
  • Improves Working Relationships
  • Increases Accountability
  • Increases Employee Engagement

See the 360 degree feedback platform for the modern workforce in action!