Reports & Analytics

Effective employee growth and development starts by helping employees understand how others actually see and experience them in the workplace. Our custom-designed 360 feedback reports are the foundation of this process. They help participants discover the insights they need to grow and improve. Our reports have been built using 25-years of extensive industry experience.  ​

​Insights, however, are not limited to those we gather for employees. Our platform provides group reports and data analytics tools so that talent professionals can identify organizational trends and opportunities.

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Customizable Participant Reports

Participants, those persons receiving feedback, are provided digestible reports that help them identify perception gaps and understand the differences between how their rater groups see them. These reports are customizable to ensure they reflect the organization’s values and branding.  Standard features include: ​

  • Intuitive and easy-to-read feedback reports to ensure participants will find insights that matter to them.​
  • Reports that can be as simple or as robust as needed, with configurable modules that range from being data intensive to just providing the “highlights.”
Customizable Participant Reports on Spectiv

Participation Reports

We help participants and administrators track survey participation to ensure that enough raters provide feedback to make the process meaningful. Simple participation reports, which are shareable without logins, help stakeholders and participants track participation progress throughout the process.

Participation Report on Spectiv

Group Reporting and Analytics for Talent Professionals and Administrators

  • Group reporting and analytics help identify trends and outliers.​
  • Learn where to put additional effort and resources into learning and development initiatives.​
  • Help senior leaders understand where leaders and employees are succeeding or missing the mark.​
  • Help identify characteristics unique to high performers.​
  • Better understand the profile of those that are succeeding or remaining stagnant.

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