SPRINGVILLE, UTAH, USA- Employee engagement consulting firm, DecisionWise, announced today the release of The HR Analytics Playbook for Beginners.

“Good, quality data is the new oil. As a potential repository for employee data, HR is sitting on one of the largest oil fields a company has. Understanding how to collect, store, analyze, and interpret data is becoming one of the defining abilities that either makes or breaks HR as a strategic department in any company,” says Jefferson McClain, Research Coordinator.

Many HR professionals, however, struggle to understand exactly how to handle data. The HR Analytics Playbook for the Beginner delivers clear, succinct answers to many data questions and provides a great take-off point for anyone in business.

“We are pleased to offer a simple, yet effective handbook to help HR leaders begin the process of building a data analytics strategy and function. People Analytics is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for HR functions that want to be strategic in their offerings.  It’s an imperative,” says President of DecisionWise, Matthew Wride.

We can’t stress the importance of data analytics enough. Data, such as employee retention rates, engagement levels, or regional sales numbers, is of limited value until it has been integrated with other data points and transformed into insights that can illuminate problems and guide decision making. Data makes us smarter and reduces our tendency to rely on our “gut instincts.”

“This handbook is a simple way for an HR leader to acquaint themselves with the basics. We believe this whitepaper should be the starting point for most HR professionals who are new to the People Analytics revolution,” adds Wride.

The guide includes key concepts and vocabulary, breaks down both analytical processes and data strategy elements, and recommends a step-by-step roadmap to help HR professionals work on building their data strategy.

The guide is available as a free download: https://decision-wise.com/white-paper-the-hr-analytics-playbook-for-the-beginner/

DecisionWise is an employee engagement firm specializing in employee engagement at the organizational, team, and employee levels. DecisionWise services include employee engagement surveys, multi-rater feedback assessments, leadership coaching, talent assessment, and organization development. With a primary mission to improve individuals and organizations by turning feedback into results, DecisionWise was founded in 1996, and is privately held. The company has corporate offices in the United States and dedicated affiliate partners throughout the world.

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