360-degree feedback is an employee development tool that gathers feedback from multiple sources who interact with the individual being evaluated. These sources can include supervisors, peers, subordinates, and even customers. The aim is to provide a comprehensive view of an individual’s performance from different perspectives.  

In most situations, 360-degree feedback is used as a development tool, which means the feedback gathered is not used by the organization to evaluate or grade an employee; instead, the feedback is used to help the employee develop personal strategies for growth and improvement. 360-degree feedback is particularly useful in identifying strengths and areas for improvement that might not be apparent through a traditional, top-down appraisal the feedback collected is typically kept confidential by grouping responses into various categories. Except for one’s supervisor, no single person’s feedback is presented alone. This encourages honest and constructive feedback. However, it is crucial to manage the process carefully to avoid potential issues such as bias or conflict.  

We have harnessed our years of experience and expertise, molding them into a powerful software platform called Spectiv. This platform equips organizational development (OD) and talent professionals with a comprehensive suite of features and tools. With Spectiv, they can seamlessly deliver meaningful feedback, while simultaneously constructing robust systems and impactful programs that enhance organizational effectiveness.  


Common Benefits of 360-Degree Feedback 

With more than 25 years of experience with 360-degree feedback, here are the key benefits  

  • Increases Self-awareness: The 360-degree feedback process exposes individuals to others’ perceptions about their behavior, which can lead to increased self-awareness. 
  • Clarifies Behaviors: A 360-degree survey can include ratings on up to eighty competencies, providing specific insight into how individuals interact with others. 
  • Measures the “How”: 360-degree feedback measures how individuals interact with others, which ultimately drives success. 
  • Benefits Leadership, Teams, and the Entire Organization: 360-degree feedback assessments provide a safe, confidential, and reliable way for colleagues to provide feedback, giving valuable, actionable insights into current leadership, teams, and overall health of the organization. 
  • Identifies Strengths and Weaknesses: 360-degree feedback can help leaders and organizations identify their strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Uncovers Blind Spots: It helps in discovering blind spots in working relationships. 
  • Builds Trust and Rapport: It aids in building trust and rapport with colleagues and managers. 
  • Creates a Positive and Productive Work Environment: It contributes to creating a more positive and productive work environment. 


5 Reasons DecisionWise is Better:  

Here are five commonly used 360-degree feedback software providers: 

  • Namely: Known for automatic reminders. 
  • Lattice: Recognized for personalized feedback. 
  • Synergita Perform: Noted for external feedback. 
  • BambooHR: Preferred for HR management. 
  • Leapsome: Optimized for continuous feedback. 


And while these providers have their pros and cons, DecisionWise is the obvious choice for most organizations for the following five key reasons:  

1. 25 Years of Deep Experience

DecisionWise has a remarkable 25-year track record in developing and refining 360-degree feedback solutions, making us a pioneer in this field. Unlike other providers, we have been committed to this area for longer than anyone else. Our extensive library includes a wealth of resources, such as templates, how-to guides, and best practice recommendations. But what truly sets us apart is that our software platform and methodologies were designed by I/O psychologists and organizational development (OD) experts, not just software developers. This ensures that our solutions are grounded in sound research and practical insights. 

2. Robust Group Reporting

While many HR professionals view 360-degree feedback as a tool for individual assessment, the reality is that talent teams often run assessments for specific cohorts based on roles, tenure, titles, geography, or potential. Our platform offers a key feature: group analytics. This powerful tool enables leaders to analyze data across participants, providing valuable insights. With group reporting, talent professionals can identify high-potential individuals, develop targeted learning and development programs, pinpoint areas for organizational improvement, and guide succession planning efforts. 

3. Tagging

DecisionWise’s platform, Spectiv, takes group reporting a step further. Talent leaders can apply tags to participants, allowing effective cohort management and information organization. Whether it is identifying specific instrument styles or creating hierarchical displays, tagging enhances flexibility and customization. This feature truly distinguishes DecisionWise. 

4. Automated Debrief/Coaching Scheduling Feature

We recognize that 360-degree feedback can be a sensitive and disruptive process. Imagine a scenario where a high-ranking leader receives tough feedback and reacts impulsively by banning the feedback providers within the organization. Over our history, we have heard this story too many times. Our research shows that the most effective use of 360-degree feedback occurs when it is delivered through a debrief or coaching process. To facilitate this, our software includes features for automated scheduling with internal or external coaches. This ensures that participants fully understand their feedback and can act upon it with genuine intent. 

5. Language Support, Customizable Emails, and Modular Reports

Spectiv caters to two critical user groups: the feedback recipients and the process managers. We have invested significant effort in providing full language support, allowing participants to engage comfortably. Customizable emails, branded to reflect your organization’s identity, enhance communication. Our modular reports adapt to your needs—whether you require simplicity or complexity. You can configure email reminders and designate senders, all while addressing logistical pain points effectively. 



While many modern HCM/HRIS tools offer some form of 360-degree feedback functionality, they lack the depth of expertise and experience that DecisionWise brings to the table. Our platform offers features that others often overlook or struggle to build due to their limited background. With DecisionWise, you are accessing the very best in 360-degree feedback solutions. You can learn more about 360 Feedback or request a demo of Spectiv to see how DecisionWise can help you further your employee development efforts. 


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