How to be a Diversity Minded Leader infographic

We all know that diversity is an asset to any organization with a range of opinions, experiences, and feedback, but hiring a diverse workforce is only the first step. In order to retain a diverse workforce and ensure an exceptional employee experience for all, an organization needs to train its managers to be diversity-minded leadership.

Here are 3 steps you and those of your organization can take to become a diversity-minded leader.

Step 1: Make a Plan.

Research shows that 95% of leaders say that they want a Diversity and Inclusion plan, but only 25% of leaders actually have one. It’s time to act now.

Step 2: Evaluate.

Here are some questions to consider as you evaluate your current position. Are you finding that most of your social interactions primarily involve men? How are you changing that? Are you actively acknowledging contributions from minority voices? If you oversee a lot of meetings, how are you ensuring that diverse populations have a meaningful way to contribute and share their thoughts?

Step 3: Take Action.

Describe a genuine moment where you have seen things differently and where your perspective has changed for the better. Diversity will make your organization better. True learning comes in the application of a concept; so, demonstrate commitment by clearly articulating how diversity will improve key areas such as innovation, process flow, customer experience, etc.

Measuring DEI Through Engagement Surveys

Measure DEI and improve engagement with confidence by partnering with the experts